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hey, hey there!!!! i'm ali!!!!!!!

{about ali and her blog}

Hello! I’m Ali, an 18-year-old foodie who's all about keeping things simple, healthy, and delicious!! This blog is where I get to share with you simple, healthy, and delicious recipes I’ve created; fun tips and tricks on simple, healthy living; and lovely little weekly snippets from my life that are also known as Tuesday tidbits. Why the almond butter? Because I love it, and because it represents the concept of keeping things simple, healthy, and delicious. 


So what’s the big deal with “simple, healthy, and delicious”?


Because that’s what food should be! That’s what living should be! I believe that today’s society overcomplicates healthy eating and healthy living—it’s like it’s some unattainable goal that some people strive for and most people don’t even bother trying to reach. 

Out of those three words, “simple, healthy, and delicious,” most people have settled for only two of the three:

Maybe you’re eating simple and healthy, but oh, it’s so far from delicious.
Maybe you’re superman, and you’re making food that’s healthy and delicious buuuut not exactly simple—or not exactly cheap.
And maybe you’re stuck in the common simple-and-delicious-diet, but there’s that little voice in your head saying, that’s not healthy


That’s why I started this blog. Because I firmly believe that food can—and should— be simple, healthy, and delicious! 

I mean, come on, we're all busy, right? and when it comes to cooking, most people are just like, "whoa, ain't nobody got time for that!" 

so let's keep it simple.

But not like, frozen pizza or mac n cheese simple. They say that eating good things will help me beat this stupid lyme disease junk I've got going on. And I mean, don't we all kinda want to live past forty?

so let's keep it healthy.

Buuut ya know, I'm not all about giving up cake, soooooo

let's keep it delicious!!!


So hey, let's make some food!! 


ali <3


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