tea can planters

tea can planters

It happens every year. Every spring I drive by those garden stores, and I can’t help but notice the rows and rows of incredibly colorful flowers sitting in their little plastic trays. And then I see the herb section. 


Images of a perfectly lovely little herb garden bordered by the most colorful array of flowers come to my mind. This could be the year for my dreams to come true.


And then I’m like, oh yeah. I’m a horrible gardener. 


I don’t even like being outside.


The whole gorgeous garden idea becomes another item on my “Someday” list. You know, like when I’m a grown-up, and I have my own cute, little, white house and three perfect children and just hours to spend manicuring my lovely garden. That’ll be after I’ve written at least ten cookbooks, traveled the whole world, gone skydiving, and made my own line of completely natural nail polish that smells like vanilla bean. 



Well…let’s just say that Pinterest is my favoritest thing that ever existed ever. While it does give you super unrealistic expectations for hair, fitness, and guys (actually sounding a lot like Disney princess movies right now), I’m willing to overlook that for the sake of its everlasting abundance of incredible craft ideas that work 38% of the time.


One of those ideas being…tea can planters: the ultimate herb garden for tea-lovers (*ahem* that’s me) and non-gardeners (also me).

It’s foolproof. And irresistibly adorable.


So let’s get started.  


Tea Can Planters


You’ll need:

  • empty tea cans
  • some cute herbs or flowers
  • potting soil
  • a handful or two of pebbles for better drainage
  • a hammer
  • a nail
  • saucers


Start by carefully nailing a couple holes in the bottoms of your cans. This is for drainage, and though I know basically nothing about making green things grow, I’m telling you this is important.


Next you’ll want to place some pebbles in the bottom of the planters. This also helps with drainage. I don’t know. I guess drainage is a big deal. 


Spoon some potting soil in, leaving space for the plants. For my mint and oregano plants, it really didn’t take much soil, because they were already so big. I just kind of shoved them in there and put a little soil around the top.


Find some saucers. (I used abandoned teacup saucers. In accidental keeping with the tea theme.) 


Then water your cute plants, and you have a mini dream garden!



Ali <3