why you need chocolate cake

why you need chocolate cake

Let’s be real. I’m a major sweet tooth! I NEED my sweets.


I mean, some people are like my dad, and they can just eat meat and veggies all day long and be happy, happy campers. If that’s the case for you, stop reading this post and go eat a cucumber.


But I need sweets to survive—I need my chocolate cake! And chances are, many of you are the same way. Here’s the thing! the main reason many people can’t commit to a healthy lifestyle is because they think it means no more chocolate cake. They think it means deprivation. And you’re only going to let yourself feel deprived for a short amount of time before you cave in and totally break all the rules you’ve made for yourself.


Healthy eating isn’t easy. But I really don’t think it’s as hard as most people make it out to be!

Healthy eating isn't a diet.

It isn’t restrictions and rules and deprivation and sadness.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle and a journey.

Yes, you make sacrifices.

Yes, it most certainly does require some grit and self-discipline.

But you have to enjoy the process! When you’re enjoying the process of healthy eating, you’re more able to accept it as your true lifestyle and make it last as a long-term habit. The key here is to stay positive! 


Think about what amazing foods are healthy that you can have and how much you love them!

Like maybe it’s peaches, or that really good kale salad recipe, or a cauliflower pizza, or banana ice cream! Make yourself some simple, healthy, and delicious foods. Explore all of the goodness of vegetables and fruits and nuts and meat.

And if you ever feel deprived, bake a paleo chocolate cake, frost it with a rich chocolate coconut whipped cream frosting, and just enjoy it!

I mean, in moderation of course—don’t get greedy about it. Just be like, “wow! I get to have chocolate cake today! This is great!” Have a small slice, and be really happy that you get to have chocolate cake while still living a healthy lifestyle! 

No rule-breaking. No guilt. No post-rule-breaking resolutions. Just enjoyment!

I’d actually suggest freezing slices of paleo cake, or cookies, or any healthy baked good for “emergencies.” Just for those moments when you’re reeeally wanting something sweet, ya know?

paleo dark chocolate almond donut cake (recipe here!!)

paleo dark chocolate almond donut cake (recipe here!!)

me eating cake and being all derpy #candid

me eating cake and being all derpy #candid



What it all comes down to is finding ways to enjoy healthy eating. My challenge to you this week is to find something (like paleo chocolate cake) that makes healthy eating enjoyable for you. Send me a message or comment below to let me know what you come up with!


Keeping it simple, healthy, and delicious!

Ali <3