12.27.16 tuesday tidbits: a few updates

Hello, blog fam!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Feels like it’s been forever since I last posted on Ali and Her Almond Butter. Merry Christmas! Happy Tuesday!

Since my last post (relating my decision to chill out and focus on getting better from Lyme), I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll keep with the headlines:

I finished my second-to-last semester of high school at community college and have applied to two universities (only TWO, you say? yes. only two. it doesn’t always take nine college applications to be successful in life).

I found out I’ve got a bunch of seasonal allergies that cross-react with many fruits and nuts and grains. So I’m getting shots to help cure the allergies—if they work, I’ll be eating those yummy foods again in a year or so! It’s so amazing that that’s possible. But in the meantime, I think it’s terribly ironic that Ali is allergic to her almond butter.

I’ve continued managing my church’s coffee shop, training and hanging out with the amazing volunteers and learning how to steam milk like a pro (and hopefully pour like a pro some day!!). Even though I have to drink decaf, coffee is life, and the people at my church rock.

Christmas at my house was celebrated with excitement and enthusiasm (as usual). Among many amazing gifts, I got Molly Yeh’s cookbook (AHH!!!! hardcore blog-crush!!!) and a moose pillow pet (because I’m a five-year-old at heart).

Side note: aren't those Christmas village printables just adorable?? I got them here!!

Anyway! That’s what’s been up in Ali’s world! I’m so excited for 2017! I’ve got some fun content coming that I’m super hyped about!!


Keeping it simple, healthy, and delicious!

Ali <3