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2.16.16 tuesday tidbits: valentine's, galentine's, and color changing tea

Ali VinarComment
2.16.16 tuesday tidbits: valentine's, galentine's, and color changing tea

valentine’s day shenanigans

Usually Valentine’s day is pretty chill. Mom gives us kids chocolate. Dad makes Mom dinner. You avoid social media and all the gushy posts. There’s just not really much to do when you’re single. But that’s why Galentine’s day exists. What is Galentine’s day? In the words of Leslie Knope, “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year!”  (see episode 16 season 2 of Parks and Recreation) I had some friends over, we made a ton of waffles, and goofed off. We were like little children sitting on the floor of my bedroom giggling under the strings of pink hearts and making a mess of the waffle batter. Best. Galentine’s. Ever. 

Oh, and then my 9-year-old sis really got into the Love Day spirit and put hearts on all our doorknobs. She also strung these cute lights in her bedroom with hearts all over them. Love the way she celebrates.

dark chocolate honey mints…so much yum

Speaking of valentine’s day... chocolate. I just discovered this three ingredient honey peppermint chocolate from Trader Joe’s. It’s magical and amazing, and the bag says one serving is three chocolates, but I like rounding up to like 5 or 6. It’s just honey, peppermint extract, and chocolate, c’mon. P.S. This is an awesome possibility for Easter celebrations for any of you who think that far ahead of time.

the three-tiered treat tray

Somehow my three-tired serving platter ended up on the counter, and it’s so cute, because now as my sisters and I bake (we bake compulsively like every day), we just put all the treats we’ve made on the tray, and they just kind of sit there. And we snack on them, and people come over and snack on them, and then we bake more, and there’s always something on the platter. And I was like…this is awesome. I like having sweets sitting on a three-tiered serving platter all the time. It’s just kinda homey and welcoming and oddly fancy shmancy. Good thing we’re not trying to lose weight in our house. 

color changing tea

Science is cool, man. And tea is the best thing ever. Science + tea = I want that can I have some please right now please and thank you. (Obviously this pic isn't mine--read the full article about this tea here)

recipe sneak peak

This weekend I'll be sharing a recipe for dutch oven wingettes and veggies. Because I promise I don’t just make dessert recipes. I really do try to cook rather than bake every once in a while. 

Hope you all have a magical week!


Ali <3