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2.2.15 my first tuesday tidbits: kale chips, pup cuddles, and scrapbooking

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 2.2.15 my first tuesday tidbits: kale chips, pup cuddles, and scrapbooking

Hello, friends! This is the first installment in my Tuesday Tidbits. What are Tuesday Tidbits? Just bits of delightful, delicious, and divine little things that I encounter throughout my week. Recipes that have blown me away. Random and possibly ridiculous little thoughts. Pictures from my farm life. Pancakes. Polaroids. Puppies. An assortment of lovely things. I'll be posting every week. It's going to be great. So here's today's post. Enjoy!

kale chips

I'm totally obsessing over kale chips right now. I'll bake up a huge batch, and then the family will gather round to munch and crunch until all that's left is a dirty baking sheet. I just love how these satisfy that salty craving, you know? Top them off with a bit of dried oregano and garlic powder, and wow!! Yum in my tum! There's an amazing recipe over at Oh She Glows that'll help you get your kale chip crisp game truly on point.

puppy cuddles

I can't get enough of this guy. Our little dude, Remy, is actually the cutest English Springer Spaniel puppy in the entire world. But it's not like I'm biased or anything. 


This is the current state of my bedroom floor. Here's my sister putting together some pics of our puppy. (We're like obsessive grandparents for this dog). I feel like such an old lady when I scrapbook. It's great. 

my new thing: decaf and a single serve

This is really my jam right now. The absolute perfect pick-me-up for when the homework list is too long and the weather is too chilly. A decaf coffee or chai tea plus a quick and easy single serve brownie, topped off with a spoonful of raspberry jam (or frozen berries heated with a spoonful of coconut sugar). This is the snack that will revolutionize your life. So mucho yummy. :)

why decaf, you ask?

Um, just because caffein has been giving me headaches. Sad life, right?


last tidbit:

A little sneak peak at this weekend's upcoming recipe: black forest espresso mouse. Oh my yum.

I hope you all have a totally fantastic week!

Ali <3