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2.23.16 tuesday tidbits: waffles, downtown, and a cake

Ali VinarComment
2.23.16 tuesday tidbits: waffles, downtown, and a cake

sad sick days

So I was sick all weekend. Way to start off the post on a positive note, right? I’m sorry. But it wasn’t too bad, because I had a puppy to make things better. This lil guy kinda sat on me, probably for lack of better ideas on how to comfort me. You know, he’s doing his best. He looks so big in this picture.


almond butter waffles

So I found this recipe last week when I was looking for something grain free and completely sugar free—like completely sugar free. Not even fruit sugar. My glucose levels are all wacky or something and my stomach’s been sensitive. *Sad face* Anyway, I was super craving WAFFLES! Because carbs, you know. This recipe was so great though! I left out the blueberries and replaced the banana for coconut cream and a bit of stevia. It actually ended up being super great. 

downtown with the pup

My sis and I went downtown with the puppy yesterday. The weather was relatively warm, a little breezy, and the perfect kind of cloudy for taking pictures. We stopped at the coffee shop and let the sweet old folks pet Remy as they went on and on about what a baby he was and how he just totally made their day (little did they know that they were totally making our day).


Gluten free cake? GIMME SOME! I mean…it’s not sugar free. I’m really trying to up my cake game, and I thought I’d start gluten free and then try sugar free. At some point I’d so love to make an excellent healthy cake and share the recipe with you all! I ordered new cake pans, and they’re supposed to come today!

recipe sneak peak: vanilla bean cappuccino 

This right here is a magical, amazing, wonderful thing. You do not need to pay $5 to get your soy latte that’s crammed full of sugar, the milk's probably scalded, and makes you die from a sugar crash. You can make a gorgeous, delicious, and much more healthy espresso drink at home and on your own! I’ll be posting the recipe this weekend, so stay tuned!!

Hope you are having a super fantastic week, and happy Tuesday!


Ali <3