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2.9.16 tuesday tidbits: coffee shops, harvard, and meyer lemons

Ali VinarComment
2.9.16 tuesday tidbits: coffee shops, harvard, and meyer lemons

coffee shops

Seriously, what is it about coffee shops? This is a totally candid shot of me just sippin my coconut milk latte and looking at the art on the wall or something, I don't even know what I'm looking at. I thought my sister was taking a selfie. Nope.


my name is yeh

I can't believe I've just now discovered this blog. Apparently I live in a hole. But seriously, I'm dying over these mini cakes. Wouldn't they be perfect to make for Valentines day?? (this picture isn't mine, by the way; it's taken by the lovely Molly Yeh)



My sis and I visited my brother at Harvard University this weekend. It was so much fun! The people there are genuine and super nice, and the weather is quite chilly compared to North Carolina. Especially when you're tramping though 6 inches of slushy snow that soaked through my shoes and left me with COLD, wet feet (shoutout to the friend who shared her Bean boots!!) We got some pretty spectacular Cambridge food (gluten free burgers!!!), and our brother's friends gave us sweet (and rather humorous, I might add) tour of the gorgeous campus decked out in snow.

just wondering…what’s so special about meyer lemons?? 

The other day when my sister accidentally bough meyer lemons instead of your good old usual yellow citrus balls of wonderment, I just had to find out the answer to a question that I've had for a long time...what makes meyer lemons so special, and why can grocery stores charge extra for them? After reading this article, my understanding is that they just taste cooler. Think more like earl grey tea, less like lemonade. My assessment after a taste test is that they have this neat, almost pine-y and not-so-tangy flavor. So now I can stop wondering!


recipe sneak peak!

Speaking of lemons, this weekend's recipe will be involving lemons and blueberries in tartlet form. Get excited, because this is one of my favorite recipes I've made in a while!



I hope you all have a totally awesome week! Happy Tuesday!

Ali <3