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3.29.16 tuesday tidbits: easter, ice cream, and tulips

Ali VinarComment
3.29.16 tuesday tidbits: easter, ice cream, and tulips


Hello, friends! I hope you all had a super great, jelly-bean-filled, and chocolate-stuffed Easter! I certainly did :) I may have eaten just a lil too much candy. But ever since I was little, it seemed obvious to me that that’s what holidays are for. 


you scream i scream...

Last week my mom invited some friends to meet up at Maple View Ice Cream, this cute little ice cream shop that we live near to. My sisters and I couldn’t pass up a midday sugar rush, so we tagged along. 

This spot is just so cute, though. It’s situated in the country, with a nice big porch snuggled around it, lined with rocking chairs which offer the perfect seating to view the rolling hills, listen to the crickets, enjoy a sunset, or watch fireflies.  And if you look carefully you can see little specks of black and white in the distance. A herd of cows. Which, thankfully, is close enough for you to know that’s where your ice cream came from, but far enough so you never know how bad those cows smell. There’s a big grassy spot with a bunch of picnic tables (an indication of how crazy busy this place can be during the summer), and since we were basically the only ones there, we let the puppy run free while Amelia gathered flowers. It was a perfectly warm, breezy, and sugary spring afternoon. 


Speaking of spring. Fun fact: tulips are my favorite flower.


sugar, sugar, suuugar

I found this article on how to do a sugar detox, and I thought I’d share it. In general, I try to avoid processed sugar (well, okay, unless I’m having sorbet at Maple View Ice Cream or eating a dark chocolate lamb from Easter). These are some helpful tips if you want to do a sugar detox, or if you just want to cut out most processed sugar from your diet (like me) and still indulge every once in a while. 


recipe sneak peak: mushroom and goat cheese breakfast crepes

So after making crepes a few weeks ago, I had some leftover batter. And these mushroom and goat cheese breakfast crepes were the result. Hold on, lemme just go make like twelve more batches. 


Well, I’m off to the lake to go camping with the fam! (Though I’ll probs be doing homework the entire time, I still can't complain!) Hope y’all have a fantastic week!


Ali <3