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3.8.16 tuesday tidbits: spring break and a toasted coconut latte

Ali VinarComment
3.8.16 tuesday tidbits: spring break and a toasted coconut latte

spring break-ish

I’m just so glad it’s a new week. Last week was long and arduous. Just lots of homework assignments, an essay, and a big math test. Oh, yeah and the SAT, which was a grueling process. 

Needless to say, I’m thankful that this week at community college is spring break-ish. Why the -ish? Just because today and tomorrow are snow-day makeup days (you know, for those days in February where a single flake of snow was spotted and the whole state of North Carolina shut down). 

But hey! Spring break-ish is way better than no spring break at all, so this girl is happy! And the weather is supposed to be amazing this week!!!

toasted coconut latte

I recently discovered that toasted coconut is my jam. Somebody really smart needs to tell me why coconut shreds seem so much sweeter when they’re toasted. Seriously, is there some chemical process that makes them sweeter when they're toasty or am I crazy?

But about the latte, I just pulverized a cup of almond milk with a handful of toasted coconut shreds in the blender. Then I heated the milk and poured it on top of my espresso. Of course I had to top it off with some toasted coconut shreds. 

There’s more in-depth info on how to make a latte at home in this post. (Lil note: for this toasted coconut latte, I wouldn’t suggest trying to froth it—the french press doesn’t handle the little bits of blended coconut, and besides, the blender adds a little fluff.)

school picnic

Why not make tea and peanut butter toast and do homework on top of a fluffy blanket on the living room floor? This is what I did with my little sister yesterday afternoon. Picnics make everything so much more fun and exciting (even precalculus trig!) 

how to be gluten-intolerant

Have you seen this video on how to be gluten-intolerant? It cracks me up every time! I don't understand why anyone would be gluten-free just because it's cool, because bread is delicious, but anyway.


recipe sneak peak: key lime pie easter egg cookies

I’m super excited about these cute little cookies! I’ll be posting them soon just in time for Easter! 


Hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday!

Ali <3