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4.5.16 tuesday tidbits: a two-year anniversary!!

Ali VinarComment
4.5.16 tuesday tidbits: a two-year anniversary!!

two year anniversary of my foodie shenanigans

That’s right! My Instagram, @aliandheralmondbutter is two years old today! I can’t believe it was two years ago that I went off gluten and started posting (really bad) pictures to Instagram of my healthy gluten free adventures. It’s been fun sharing with you all, so thanks so much for enjoying this journey with me!


For old time's sake, here are some of my favorite posts over the months:


family camping

In other news, my fam went to the lake this past week, which was just delightful! Literally just what I needed (even though I still had to drive 45 minutes to get to my class in the mornings). A little sun, a little campfire smoke... it’s one of my favorite things!


how to eat more vegetables

So sometimes when I wonder about things I just Google them. The other day I was thinking I should probably eat more vegetables, but—unlike fruit—they just take a little more prepping and effort, you know? So I literally Googled “how to eat more vegetables,” and this is what came up. I found it rather helpful and inspiring. Especially with the farmer’s market open. You can bet I’ll be making some fresh veggie recipes for the blog soon!

lemon curd!! 

It’s my favoritest thing in the entire world! And since the recipe I’ll be posting this upcoming weekend calls for lemon curd, I thought I’d share the recipe that I used here. You can also put it on your blender oat pancakes, scones, DF ice cream, rice cakes, GF toast, coconut yogurt, or literally just anything! I wouldn’t judge if you ate it with a spoon straight out of the jar. 

recipe sneak peak: cute lil cakes!!

I’m excited to share these itty bitty Berry Mint Lemon Mini Cakes this weekend! They are so tiny and so fun! 


Have a lovely week, friends!


Ali <3