5.17.16 tuesday tidbits: pottery, breakfast, and 'nana ice cream

5.17.16 tuesday tidbits: pottery, breakfast, and 'nana ice cream

Hello, and welcome to my Tuesday Tidbits! This is where I share just delightful things. From puppies to kale chips, farm life to latte art. These are just tidbits from the world of a girl who likes to live life to the fullest!


pottery shenanigans

Yesterday I got to try my hand at pottery! (And it turns out I’m not that great at it). But that’s alright, because it was really very fun! My mom’s wonderful friend Amy Gelber was so gracious to allow my sister and my friend invade her studio for the morning and get clay on everything as we did our best to make our rather lopsided mugs on her wheel. It was a really cool experience, and it was even more neat to watch Mrs. Gelber work, the solid lump of clay spinning into a wonderful shape at the touch of her skillful and muddy hands. 

Some of Amy Gelber's beautiful work...

birthday breakfasting

My mom’s birthday was just a few days ago, so of course Dad and my sisters all got up early to make her a magical breakfast. I just had to share the pictures from that breakfast because it was so, so delicious! Eggs and bacon and smoked salmon on a bed of arugula with a side of avocado. And then a plateful of steaming hot oatmeal walnut muffins and a huge fruit salad. Oh, we were stuffed! 


So I haven’t been feeling super great recently (more on my delightful health problems in later post), but whenever I’m not feeling great I find myself spending a massive amount of time on the Pinterest. I know, I talk about Pinterest a lot; deal with it. Anyway, I came across this recipe for flourless chewy brownie crinkle cookies that look SO YUM. I’ve got to try them soon. Let me know if you get to it first though. I can just imagine them hot off the cookie sheet with a glass of almond milk—that’s how I eat all my cookies. Ah my gosh. 


banana ice cream

So there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is…it’s ‘nana ice cream season again! Warm weather + healthy ice cream = happy Ali😃 Yay! The bad news is…I’m allergic to kiwis.😔 😔  I discovered this after I made myself a big bowl of strawberry kiwi ‘nana ice cream. I licked the spatula and instantly it felt like someone shoved sand paper down my throat. It was all itchy and scratchy. Geez. No more kiwi for this girl. Then I made myself a bowl of just strawberry 'nana ice cream. But anyway, I’ll be posting some recipes for various creative ways to make ‘nana ice cream. Can’t wait!!


Well, I hope you all have a wonder-tastic week!


Ali <3