5.3.16 tuesday tidbits: mountains, salad, and ponies

5.3.16 tuesday tidbits: mountains, salad, and ponies

We could talk about how I didn’t make a Tuesday Tidbits post the last two Tuesdays. Or how I got three migraines. Or how I had a final essay due, a big math test, and a speech to deliver all in one week. Or how I (almost) lost my iPhone and then drove 45 minutes to get it back. Or we could talk about the incompetent pediatric doctor who told me that the reason I’ve been feeling sick is because I don’t know how to properly manage stress (tell me it's all in my head and ohhhh I'm ticked off), when actually the main reason I was feeling horrible that week was because I was DEHYDRATED and lacked some electrolytes (thanks for the help, doc—turns out my mom knows a lot more than you do). 

We could talk about those things.

ORRR…we could talk about how, despite the craziness, I got to visit the mountains with my sister, or how this semester is SO close to being DONE WITH, or how I’ve actually felt really well this week (unlike the few weeks prior) and have been eating salad like a little bunny rabbit, or how (on a less healthy note) my recipe for a dark chocolate almond donut cake is on the blog now!

Yeah, let’s talk about happy things. 



the mountains!!!

So last weekend my sis and I hopped in a car and drove to Boone, NC for a brief stay in the mountains. It’s super great, because our grandparents live up there now. And they love to spoil us with filet mignon and flourless chocolate cake. We hiked. Drank coffee. Ate good food. Did homework on the patio with chamomile tea while watching the sun set over the mountains. Then we drove home in time for class on Monday. It was just what we needed. (Little disclaimer: all these photos were taken with my iPhone)


my salad obsession

I may not ever be as obsessed with salad as I am with cake—I really don’t think it’s possible—but I have been so enjoying some fresh greens recently! Arugula and spinach topped with tomato slices and chopped cashews. Little bit of goat cheese maybe. Or some cut up turkey lunch meat for protein. And a drizzle of balsamic dressing. Ohhh my! I’ll often make two salads at a time, one for now and one to store in the fridge for a quick meal later. I mean, if I’m going to go to the trouble of chopping and assembling all the ingredients, I may as well make it worth my time. 



Yeah, I made donuts again. I’m obsessed. It wasn’t just for giggles this time, though. I actually made them for a little afternoon coffee date with friends (one of whom is leaving to travel halfway around the world for TWO MONTHS). Anyway, if you want the recipe, it’s right here!



My lovely friend rides (like a legit pro, y'all), so she took me to her barn a few weeks ago. I had my camera out and was snapping pictures of ALL THE PONIES! (and donkeys and horsies) Aren’t they just adorable? 



I hope you all have a wonderful week! And to all my fellow students…we’re almost there! Let’s just survive finals!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not cheap, florescent ceiling light)!


Ali <3