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6.14.16 tuesday tidbits: 17-mile drive and yosemite

Ali Vinar2 Comments
6.14.16 tuesday tidbits: 17-mile drive and yosemite

Before I share pictures from this week's shenanigans in California, I want to take just a moment to think about the recent Orlando shooting. It crushes my heart to be reminded of the cruelty and hatred in this world. I'm praying for consolation and healing, and for this darkness to be a chance for love to shine more brilliantly.

Meanwhile, my family and I are continuing our California escapade. This week was Monterey, the 17-mile drive, Carmel, and the gorgeous Yosemite.

- C A L I F O R N I A (part 2) -


the 17-mile drive

After hitting Santa Cruz and Castroville (as discussed in last week’s Tuesday Tidbits), we moved on to Monterey, which is just the cutest spot! I wish we could have spent a few days here, but it turns out we only had a short morning. We grabbed coffee (and a gluten free muffin!) and drove through the downtown area. All along I was promising myself I'd come back here someday and actually get to know the town a bit.

Next was the 17-mile drive, which starts in Monterey and ends in Carmel and winds through stunning golf courses and beaches. My dad’s a big time golfer—he’s golfed at Pebble Beach before—so of course he had to give the rest of us a little tour. 

This drive was perfection, especially when we came to Carmel. I sat with my nose glued to the window, delighted by the perfect little houses all snuggled up together with lush vines and colorful flowers wrapping their arms around the homes and bringing the whole town together with its delightful charm. It was difficult to get pictures—it’s the kind of thing you just have to see for yourself. 

We came to downtown Carmel and stopped at a Mediterranean restaurant, where they served us the most incredible meal of lamb and pilaf and hummus and Greek salad. We stuffed ourselves, took one last glance at Carmel, and then hopped back in the car to move on to Groveland, a little mountain town close to Yosemite National Park where we spent several days. We had to find a Trader Joe’s to stop by before settling into our sketchy little Groveland cabin, because what’s life without TJ's applewood smoked bacon, dark roast coffee, and rainbow trail mix? 

yosemite national park

I’m in love with Yosemite. It’s gloriously beautiful, and I hope you’ve had a chance to visit this place. There’s a reason it’s PACKED full of people every day of the week from morning to night. You’ll never see anything like this anywhere else.

Day one we hiked up to Vernal Fall, getting completely soaked from the waterfall spray on the way up. You’ll see in below pic (left) the mist and little dots of hikers.

Later we drove up to Glacier Point and got some stunning pictures from across the valley. Above (left) you’ll see the Half Dome, and if you look reeeally closely, you might see little specks of hikers who braved the difficult hike to get to the top. Ohhh I want to get up there someday!

Below is the view of Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall. We hiked the lower one. From all the way across the valley, we could hear the roar of those two great falls, but they looked so small from where we were.

There’s me on the edge with my lil blue hat. I’m still in awe of that view looking at these pictures, which don’t even begin to do it justice. 

sidenote: snappy-chat

So, ya girl started a snapchat to share with you my daily foodie and non-foodie adventures. Add me if you’d like to see some mini recipes, what I’m eating every day, and a bit of my ridiculous daily shenanigans! My username is alialmondbutter!

Much love to you all! I'll be posting a new lovely recipe this weekend, so stay tuned!

Ali <3