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6.7.16 tuesday tidbits: santa cruz, seals, and artichokes

Ali Vinar1 Comment
6.7.16 tuesday tidbits: santa cruz, seals, and artichokes

- C A L I F O R N I A (part 1) -

So here we are in the lovely and amazing California!! Sunday was a crazy caffeinated and exhausting 21-hour traveling day from North Carolina to Sacramento. Then we got up yesterday and crammed it with as much California sight-seeing and food-tasting we could fit as we drove down Highway 1.


the. best. gluten free bakery.

I was wonderstruck. I was overwhelmed by the gluten free glory. This Sacramento bakery is completely gluten free, dairy free, and AMAZING. I would *highly* recommend Pushkin’s bakery if you ever have the chance to stop by. 

We got a cinnamon donut, a blueberry coffee cake, a German chocolate cupcake, a raspberry-lemon cupcake, and a pesto sandwich. Can I live here? No, not just in Sacramento, like *in* this bakery.

highway one: pigeon’s point and a fresh fruit haul

So yesterday morning we hit highway one, making stops for oohs and ahhs and pictures and coffee.

Pigeon’s point was the most photogenic stop. Oh. My. 

Oh, and all those roadside fresh fruit stands. We after driving by stand after stand, we couldn’t resist making a stop. We bought a WHOLE TON of fruit. And then we ate a whole ton of fruit. This is my dream come true, actually. 


santa cruz, seals, and coffee

This place was just completely delightful. We had the most enjoyable time just strolling along the beach. Lunch was a pretty little restaurant on the wharf where my mom and I managed to find a meal that was (somewhat) gluten free. My FAVORITE part of yesterday was the seals!! Ah they were so cute! And there was this lil baby seal snuggling with his momma. So much cute! Driving to the hotel after lunch, we were in need of some caffein, so we stopped Verve Coffee Roasters. Ya girl loves a good coffee shop!

artichoke crazies

So apparently the people of Castroville love their artichokes. After sampling some from Giant Artichoke Restaurant, I can see why. But honestly, how can you not be crazy about something you're dipping in butter?