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7.26.16 tuesday tidbits: water skiing, dc, and boone

Ali Vinar1 Comment
7.26.16 tuesday tidbits: water skiing, dc, and boone

summa’ dayz at the lake

It’s been a full summer here at my house! Last weekend we hit the lake for a few days of boating, water skiing, and chillin’ by the campfire with friends. Annnd I may or may not have eaten mostly just lentil chips and homemade peach salsa the whole weekend. 

That's me about to go water skiing for the first time in five years. I've got skis on my feet in that pic, even though it looks like I'm just standing in the water like an idiot.


the capitol!!

It seemed I barely had time to shower off the lake water before my mom and I were loading up snacks in the car for a road trip up to Washington DC. We bopped around downtown, ate at a fancy restaurant, got crepes and salad, spent the night at a sketchy/adorable bed and breakfast, and made our way through the DC traffic to a doc appointment. (Looks like I’m finally getting things figured out for my annoying multi-systemic autoimmune thing! Yay!)


the mountains!!

So you know how summer break is meant for sleeping in and binging on Netflix? Yeah, no. A few days after the DC trip, a couple friends and I headed up to the Appalachian mountains for some hiking, peach s’more making, and pottery shopping, among other ridiculous shenanigans.


some simple, healthy, and delicious inspiration :)

Annnd now it’s time for some recipe inspo! Go do something active and then eat something healthy! It’ll make your day:)


Happy Tuesday!

Ali <3