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7.5.16 tuesday tidbits: home, july 4th, and nice cream

Ali Vinar1 Comment
7.5.16 tuesday tidbits: home, july 4th, and nice cream

i’m home!

After spending a month in California, I am finally back home in my lovely North Carolina! If you missed the vacay pics, you can check them out in my last three Tuesday Tidbits posts here, here, and here


And now here are some pics from my time at this amazing camp, called JH Ranch!! It’s not your typical summer camp. The staff are the nicest people you will ever meet, the activities are the coolest things you’ll ever do, and the food actually wasn’t too bad for a GF DF chick like me 😃

Disclaimer: I'm sorry for my somewhat ratchet photography skills. I was only allowed to bring a derpy little point-and-shoot to JH Ranch. Okay, moving on now!

Chill time on the Klamath River. We spent two nights sleeping by the river and then white water rafted during the day.

A nice, short hike up to this cross that overlooks the whole JH Ranch.

Backpacking for two days by Ruffy Lake, CA. This is (part of) my team!! We spent a lot of time together navigating the wilderness and eating freeze dried food. Bonding experiences to be sure.

We each got 24 hours of solo time in the wilderness. Again, apologies for my ratchet pics. Above on the left is my sketchy sleep spot, featuring Eno hammock, tarp for insulation, and a sleeping bag that barely kept me warm enough. The pic on the right doesn't do justice to the rich, green meadow and range of mountains that were my view during solo time.

So! After two weeks of touring Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, Yosemite, and Tahoe; and two weeks at JH Ranch backpacking, hiking, bonding with new friends, conquering high ropes courses, white water rafting, and sleeping with bears; we hopped on a bus for an overnight drive back to Sacramento, said our last goodbyes to camp friends, and my sister and I flew back to North Carolina. I'm so glad to be home. And back in my kitchen. :)

fun fact:

I actually did a very happy and excited dance when I made above cupcakes, because I was SO GIDDY to be home and baking in my kitchen again.

july 4th shenanigans

MURICA! I’m proud to call the US my home, and in order to celebrate, I wore a Captain America shirt, ate cupcakes, made cobbler (recipe to come!!), handed out free glow sticks with my church, and watched some epic fireworks at the stadium. It was a great day, y’all. 


Banana ice cream (aka “nice cream”) is my thing right now. Especially when it’s double chocolate brownie nice cream. Oh. My. Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe on the blog this week!


Hope you all are having a FUNTASTIC and watermelon-ful July so far!


Ali <3