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8.22.16 tuesday tidbits: sunday funday and something new!!

Ali VinarComment
8.22.16 tuesday tidbits: sunday funday and something new!!

annnnd we’re back to school

Yay for senior year…. But school starting isn't all that bad, BECAUSE it turns out I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff in store for you all!


exciting things at!!!!

I’m keeping it simple, healthy, and delicious here at Ali and Her Almond Butter by, not only writing up biweekly healthy recipes and weekly ridiculous Tuesday Tidbits, but ALSO adding on something else...

Starting NEXT WEEK I’ll be sharing bits of simple and healthy inspiration every other Monday to help YOU be the very healthiest person you can be! From easy ways to incorporate more greens into your diet to great ways to stay motivated (or GET motivated) to exercise, I can’t wait to head on this journey toward simple, healthy living with you! 

family time shmamily time

Sooo with school starting and my brothers’ going back to their respective colleges and all, we deemed it necessary to have some quality family time. A very last hoorah at Jordan Lake (with espresso and and freaking pancake-s’more-banana-tacos), burgers all around, and a baseball game were all in order. Oh, and look, it’s a family picture. D’aaawwwr!!! ^_^

sunday funday

So Sunday was definitely eventful: I said goodbye to some friends headed off to college, I ate the most delicious gf sandwich ever (balsamic + pesto + portbella + roasted veggies = glory), I spent an unnecessary amount of time in Target, I went for a run in the rain, and I got absolutely no homework done. It was fantastic. 

Well, well, well, I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! I’ll be sharing some amazing recipe goodness this weekend, so go ahead and buy some peaches, because yes, I have another peachy recipe in store.

Ali <3