9.6.16 tuesday tidbits: 8teen years and fall feels

9.6.16 tuesday tidbits: 8teen years and fall feels

Happy Tuesday! Here are this week's Tuesday Tidbits :) :)


ya girl is an ADULT now!

It’s true—September 1st I turned 18 and had the literal best birthday ever ever ever! It started off with an early breakfast with my sis, then I went to Calculus and Economics class—not the highlight of the day, but what made it all better was sitting on the lawn eating the little bowl of fries my friend bought me in between classes from the sketchy campus food truck. 

Thennnnn I got a free vanilla lavender almond milk latte from one of my fav coffee shops, which was DELICIOUS, after which my dad and I got a late lunch and headed to UNC to pick of my brother from college for a nice evening “family celebration.” As we drove in the driveway, my dad made up some excuse about my littlest sister wanting me to wear a blindfold in the house because she’d decorated for my birthday or something. Buuut of course when I opened the door and heard the shutter clicks of a camera, I suddenly knew what was happening. I took off the blindfold to the sound of an overwhelmingly loud "SURPRISE!!!!!” I think I sort of laugh-screamed. And then I almost cried. In the words of my sister, my reaction was on point—the sort of totally-shocked-and-delighted response that everyone hopes to get out of a surprise party. Because it really was a surprise for me; I had been clueless!

So anyway, I hugged people, we ate pie, we laughed, we took polaroids, we had a great time. 



guess who’s headed to the other side of the pond!!

Oh, so the best part of my birthday (besides the whole surprise party thing) was when I found out that my parents are sending me and my sister all the way to ENGLAND this spring—ahhhh!!!!! Can’t. Even. Wait. 


My "oh my word am I for real going to England??" face

My "oh my word am I for real going to England??" face



fall, fall, FALL

I know it’s technically still summer, but this chick is EXCITED about some fall weather and all the sweater-y, chai-spiced, chilly, leafy, crispy, cozy wonderful glory that characterizes my favorite season! This white girl is going to don her leggings, giant sweater, and bean boots, light some pumpkin-spice candles, post pictures of her pumpkin-spice latte, and blow up social media with allllllll the pictures of colorful trees. #basic


If you’re feeling those autumnal feels like me, here are some amazing recipes to literally feed your obsession:

…or you can follow my fall Pinterest board for all those fall vibes:



Anyway! I hope you all are having a totally fabulous Tuesday!


Ali <3